Cam v3 not triggering lightbulbs

I am having an issue. I have a rule set up that when my camera detects a person, it triggers the outside lights to come on. This actually does work perfectly. However, this is my issue.

It only works if I do not set a specific time for this to happen. It will work everytime.

When I set a time, it won’t work and the lights will not come on. So, I set a device trigger (camera detects a person) to only happen between between 6PM-7AM (7 days a week). I walk in front of my camera at 8PM, the lights will not turn on.

If I go back to the rule, and take the time off so that it will trigger 24/7, it works perfectly.

I don’t know, but you could also try it as a routine in Alexa and use Alexa’s time constraints. I bet that would work.

Yeah, I’ll try it and let you know if it works. However, this should work with no issue within the Wyze app, I think its a bug that needs to be addressed.

Have you submitted a log from the app about the issue?

I have not. I can though. I tried it in the Alexa app, and the time works perfectly, so I’m pretty sure its a bug in the Wyze app thats not allowing it to trigger when a time frame is set.

Definitely submit a log for this issue like @WyzeJasonJ suggested.

I did submit a log. As of now, the time constraints only work, with this particular setup, within the Alexa app. I’m hoping this gets addressed in the coming months. I like Alexa, but I want my Wyze products to fully work within the Wyze app, without a third party.

Just curious what light bulbs did you use in your setup?