Light Bulbs Disconnecting from Alexa

Am I the only one whose devices, specifically the lightbulbs, disconnect from Alexa on a monthly basis?


I have had devices go offline much more rarely. Most recently I had to re-register a couple of Leviton dimmers that had been working for 2 years; several of their brethren kept chugging along.

I suspect it is mostly due to power fluctuations.

This seems to be an issue with the Wyze system “speaking” to Alexa. I received a notification something along the lines of “my connection expired” and then I can’t reconnect them.

Okay that has happened to me with Leviton and maybe Wyze once too. You just have to relink the Alexa skill for that vendor.

It seems like I have to do it on a monthly basis. When it disconnects, it could take up to a few hours to be able to reconnect, it just seems odd to me that it needs to be done so often.

Yeah that’s not normal at all then. I’ve had to do this (the Alexa skill relinking) once in 2 years.

Wonder if there’s something especially flaky in your Amazon setup or home network. Sorry, no other suggestions. :frowning:

I’ve disconnected, removed completely, and restarted all the bulbs. I’m not sure what else to do. Everything else (non-wyze) connected to Alexa works great.

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There has been issues with Amazon over the last few weeks. Seemed to primarily affect the Skills and IoT devices. My Skill disappeared or disabled for some unknown reason. I would only enable it or load it again and everything would start working.

Then the outage happened, so now I wonder if what I was experiencing was a precursor to the issue.

I would make sure everything is functioning and monitor it over a period of time as Amazon claims the IoT issues have been corrected.


Recently, I’ve had it happen about 3 times this last few months. Last night it was because of some reported issue. I actually saw a post in these forums about having issues logging in to wyze about 10 minutes before I discovered my Alexa integration was logged out.

Took me 10 minutes and 3 tries this morning to get it connected (didn’t feel like messing with it last night). But it’s all good now as far as the Alexa skill.

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Yea, I think it was tied to the Amazon issue which. May be resolved now. we will see