Light activated event recording in outdoor cam

Similar to the indoor cams, have a recording triggered by a certain amount of light change in the outdoor environment. This would not be as sensitive as the indoor cams that react to a change in a given pixel count. Perhaps a set range of luminosity change in the camera’s view field would trigger a 12 second recording or a cam plus recording, depending on the user’s service level.

How I envision this working:
Say a building has both a motion activated outdoor light and a Wyze cam outdoor on the same outside wall. If the motion sensing light turns on due to some movement then the Wyze cam outdoor would sense this change in the light in the outdoor environment and take a short video in the usual manner. This feature would be utilized for capturing video of whatever triggered the outdoor motion sensing light to turn on.

How? The outdoor cam isn’t viewing anything until after its motion detector is triggered. To do what you describe would require that its camera sensor be constantly turned on. Bye bye battery.

Also, even if it could, how do you distinguish the flood lights coming on from the sun rising, or coming out of the clouds?

Good questions, which would need accurate answers from a Wyze engineer. Here are my thoughts:

  1. The camera would not need to be active for this. The outdoor cam has a light sensor on the front which could be used. It might not be active all the time but I suspect it would take a negligible amount of power to run a routine that watches for a specific change in that circuit.

  2. The routine mentioned above would include logic to only operate during “dark” hours. There is already logic on the device that knows when it is dark out, most likely by polling the light sensor. In addition, the proposed luminosity change sensing could be tuned to only trigger camera action by a fast and massive change in available light. The sun does not do that, hopefully.