Motion recording triggered by lights is not an AI event

Evertime my outdoor light kicks on triggers my cam v3 to start recording, and its only set at 25% sensitive and is only set to record AI events, yet it sees when my light comes on or even when a cars headlights shine into my yard it detectz it abd starts recording,…any fix? I wouldnt think light would be a AI event

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It records on perceived motion. The “AI” part and subsequent notification only come into play after the video clip is already uploaded to Wyze.

So it should trigger and start recording from just a light shining on the yard?

For sure. It only detects motion based on pixel changes. Thus “perceived motion”.


Yup. Waste of my money. V3 records every time car lights shine near driveway. Awful. And I can’t get. The outdoors camera to detect motion of my cats. Awful