Activate Camera on Lights On

the short:
The wyze cam is on default detection, and and many cases I do get recording when light turns on (preferred). Is there a specific sensitivity setting for light?

the long:
-My friend came home to all the WYZE bulbs on and there was no recording. From blinds closed room to 4 bulbs fully lit.
-I checked power, and all wifi devices and internet was good the whole time (unifi).
-I will be getting him a small UPS and SD card for better recording security.

The Wyze Cam motion detection works by comparing new frames to old ones and looking for different pixels. The higher the sensitivity, the fewer pixels need to change to trigger an event.

In the case of lights coming on, it depends on where the light is in the frame, if there are close objects that will reflect the light and change appearance, etc. For indoor rooms going from dark to fully lit (as you describe), any sensitivity should pick that up since almost all the pixels will change brightness.

If there was an event video just before the lights came on then it could be due to the 5-minute cooldown between events.
If there was no event video at all it’s hard to say why it didn’t pick it up. A power blip could have knocked the camera out temporarily or it may have just missed the change in brightness. Either way adding an SD card is useful so you can go back and review the recording of that time frame.

I have one of my cams on continuous recording and after a power outage I often skim the playback to find the gap so I can tell when the power went out and for how long :slight_smile: