Length of power cable

So… I’m just curious, has anyone got a definitive answer on the maximum length of power cable for the v3 pan cams?
I ve read a bunch of conflicting threads about it, but none set in stone.

You aren’t going to get a definitive answer from anyone. A cheap 6ft cable can fail to provide adequate power and so can 20ft cables. I have 20ft cables daisy chained to 6ft cables on several cams and have no issues.

The reason there is no way to lock in a definitive length is because it depends on the cable construction. The size and quality of the wire used within the cable is the determining factor as to how far it will carry the current without loss. With the tens of thousands of possibilities out there in length and quality, it is impossible to put a number on it.

@Newshound did some phenomenal testing of some USB cables that may give you an insight into the variables.

Thanks for the response, that’s about what I have already determined, but… If you don’t ask, you don’t know.

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I’ve been running a V3 on a 42’ Cable for about 2 years now. I just made sure to use a good quality stranded copper cable on the V3 original power adapter. Good Luck!… and Yes, per Tom G below, the size (gauge) of cable is very important to avoid a voltage drop. Lower gauge equals bigger cable.

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Several of my outdoor v3 cameras have been connected with 42 foot Moyeel microUSB cables for over 3 years. The key is determining the wire gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire and that equates to voltage drop. By the time the power gets to the camera, the volts and amps just can’t power the camera.

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I hadn’t run any outside yet, but I am moving my OG telephoto out, not good thru windows without a window mount and wrong angles.

First I bought 2 WYZE Outdoor adapters, but their only 12.5 feet. (I’ll use them elsewhere for more cameras​:shushing_face:):laughing:

Ok, so I’m installing aTayMac weatherproof cover, and I found a pair of 10 ft USB micro female to micro male on Amazon and will be using the factory stock brick and cable and this Amazon extension.:person_shrugging: It won’t get wet with the cover over it.

Various length cable extensions don’t seem to be plentiful. 10ft or 20ft.

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