How long of a cable

I’m hooking up a Wyze cam-pan v3 under the awning of my garage, and have a power plug not that far away, but farther then the cable that comes with the camera, What is the longest cable I can use before the camera will not operate properly? by the way this is a standard USB to C correct?

Here is another thread with helpful info.

Wow I dont have to go that far but good to know maybe a short 25 ft

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NO! It’s a micro-USB on the camera end.

Oh thank you for that

I encourage you to not use a long cable but as a last resort. I encourage you to use a simple 2 prong extension cord from outlet to closer to the cam, then use the cable that came with the cam.

I used long cables and while it works, I noticed a marginal loss… When I say marginal loss, I am talking sort of in a riddle. I don’t know a better way to explain it. But I noticed those with a longer cable, tended to need to be restarted more often than those not. So, I wired my garage attic to use a “X” to each order from the center of the X where the GDO plug was. Then I added a Smart plug for the extension cord runs to the points of the X, (corners of the garage) and then plugged in the adapter. However, (as we have discussed here in other threads), I replaced the Wyze adapter with a 2.3 amp adapter to improve the power feeding the camera (with is original cable). I also used the Schedule feature on my Smart Plug to restart the plug and it restarts 7 camera all at about 4 a.m. each day. The result of all this is, when I bring up any camera on iPad, or iPhone, or Echo Show, there is almost always instant display and I don’t hear that “check the power to the camera” message any more.

Sam has a good point, extend the AC power if you can do so safely. Best option.

If you are intent on extending the DC power, then you should plug the supplied Pan 3 power cable into a USB 2.0 Type-A Male-Female extension cable. The Pan 3 has a special L-shaped USB micro connector that has to fit into a specific-sized hole to stay waterproof. Also, if you use a straight USB micro connector then you won’t be able to mount the camera.

If you plan to use a Wyze outdoor power adapter to power it, then you can buy a pigtail adapter to convert the OPA’s straight USB micro connector to the Pan 3:

Or, if using a standard Type A power source, then you can use the original Pan 3 power cable with the 20ft USB 2.0 Type-A Male-Female extension cable that Wyze now offers:

Here is a thread I started on how far you can run cables. The more current the camera draws, the less the length. So, keep the run as short as possible on a Pan camera. A long cable could net you things like reboots when you use the motors. There are also some other ideas there on how to run power a distance:

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