Lazy Sundays? (rule execution time one hour later every Sunday)

So I discovered something interesting… :thinking:

I was reviewing the Rules > History tab in the Wyze app (android 11 w/most current version of the app) and found that every Sunday, the rules I have set to restart my V3 cams between 2 - 3 am run exactly one hour later than the time I have set (e.g., the 2:05 am rule runs at 3:05 am).

On every other day of the week, the rule runs at the correct time. This behavior started after the Daylight Savings Time change.

Even more interesting, the cam restart rules for all of my other V3 cameras (and my WCO and OG cams) run at the correct times. I have some that run before midnight and others that run after midnight in the 1 - 2 am hour. No issues with these. Only the rules set to run between 2 - 3 am.

Any ideas? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: