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I have 31 Wyze cameras (16 V2 with RTSP firmware, two V2s with, two Pans with RTSP, and 11 V3s with Each has a separate rule to reboot the camera once every night. The rules are apparently rebooting the cameras, but at the wrong hour. This is California, and like most of the country we are currently in Daylight Saving Time. The correct time displays on screen on the cameras, but the rules appear to be operating in Standard time. For example, camera 01 is supposed to reboot at 01:01, but is actually rebooting at 00:01. Similarly, camera 02 is supposed to reboot at 02:02, but actually reboots at 01:02. This is the same regardless of what type of cameras or firmware. These rules are new enough that I don’t know how they will behave when we go back to Standard time in a few months. Not that I would expect this relates, but I have app version 2.23.16 on both Android phone and tablet, and on my @#$%^&* iPhone.

One more entertaining observation. If a camera is plugged into the USB power outlet of another V2 camera, it apparently looses power when the first V2 reboots. I would not have expected that power would be interrupted to the USB power outlet. However I have four locations where a V3 camera is plugged into the USB outlet of a co-located V2 camera, and all four of these location have shown this characteristic.

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Just another “Edge Case” :slight_smile:

Longshot, but check the time on your router.

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I’ve seen this issue. Never pursued it, though. My thought is it might be some rule tinkering related to DST. I think server time never changes, so they change the time of your rule depending on whether you are on DST or not. Awhile back was a server bug on DST transitions, but I think they corrected it. I don’t know if they corrected any affected rules, though.

I do a nightly power cycle of some of my cameras, and about half are an hour off. Thing is, I don’t care if they do it at 4:30 AM or 5:30 AM, so I have never put any time into figuring out was the root cause is. Could just be what time of the year I applied the rule to a given camera. Could be I applied half before the server bug was fixed, and half after. No idea ATM.

You can probably correct it by deleting the rule and re-adding it. It may break again during the next DST transition, but if it does, try replacing it again. You may end up figuring out what the root problem is!

Interesting. Did not know that. Another oddity is the camera may flash its IR lights too, lol. You reboot and I power-cycle, but I notice when mine come back up they turn the IR lights on for a second (maybe part of a self check?) In any case, that was tripping another camera in Night Vision mode until I figured out what was happening. I suppose it also might be a tipoff to any neighbors that have a camera pointed at your house in Night Vision mode that you have cameras too, lol.

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