Latest upgrade killed all my pan cams 7/21/21

i just updated to v2.15.21 and now my pan cams dont work…
is there a way to go back ??


The current app version is 2.22.xx, I would recommend updating to the latest version


What do you mean by “dont work…”
Do they turn on at all?

At the moment there is no “official” way to revert the app, even for those of us in Beta.
Do you remember what the version was that worked?
There are several unofficial APK “storage sites”.

I’d also advise try and upgrade your app to 2.22.xx (I think the xx is 21 or so as of this writing). If that doesn’t work try and load an older APK.

I’m running Android V2.22.12 and on another device V2.23.xx (beta) and my pan cam works on both.

updated to and none of cams connect anymore 7/27/21

turn on but never connect

For the app:
So you can go back by loading a previous version.
It’s a minor pain and unsupported.
There are a number of APK mirror sites.
Basically you find the APK you want, download it and click on it.
I just used ApkMirror
For the firmware you may need to find the version of FW that worked and load it be SD card.
Look around on the forum.

back up as of 7/27/21 with latest app update…
thanks to all

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