2.17.7 App Update

Do not update to the new app. I did and lost all event recordings. Downloaded old version and there it was all working again.

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What version of the Android OS are you running?

Just updated to 2.17.7 on my Motorolag7 Power running Android 10. Events working fine - both old one and brand new ones.

Android 10 Moto z4

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My cameras were still recording to server but I couldn’t see them with new version.

My wife has a Samsung s20 and new app doesn’t work properly either.

I’m having problems with 2.17.7 working with Wyze Pan Cams. The prior version of the app worked fine, never had a problem. This is on Android version 11 on Pixel 4 XL. Ever since updating to 2.17.7, the Pan Cams often won’t stream video. The “water” spinner keeps spinning, and sometimes stops at stages 1, 2, or 3 of the 3 startup steps, It eventually times out and gives an error message which says “Connection failed. Please try 1. Force close app and retry, 2. Power cycle camera”. Doing those workarounds does not seem to change behavior. Sometimes it does connect to streaming, but more often it gets stuck. The app does seem to see the cameras since I can reboot the cams from the app, and it shows the camera firmware rev, etc. The cams have the latest firmware Clearing cache on the app doesn’t seem to fix it.

I only record events with a V2 cam and I did not lose any recorded events on my Samsung A51 (Android 10)

How do you get 2.17.7? All I can find in the PlayStore is 2.17.6.

2.17.7 showed up in the Play store on Jan 25, 2021 with no special action. It’s possible it was released for only certain revisions of Android. What version of Android are you running?

Goto event page. Both Person and motion icons are green.

Click andbturn off. both.
click camera icon to turn ON.

you should see events.

I am on App 2.17.7 and Android 11 with a Samsung S20 and my events are all still there from both before and after the upgrade. I have had some luck with uninstalling and reinstalling the app with the other problems. Maybe give that a try?

Where did you find old app

If you want older versions of android apps.

You searched for wyze - APKMirror

Got it , thanks

Everything is working much better after the last update.