broken - won't upgrade Pan-cam

My Pan-cam contains version A pop-up now announces that a new firmware version is available. After tapping UPGRADE, the usual upgrading screen appears with a progress bar. The new firmware ( appears to download and install successfully. However, upon completion, the “Update Firmware” screen appears indicating that is still installed, and that is available for download.

Restarting the camera has no effect - the download firmware has vanished into the bit bucket somewhere.

What app version are you running?

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2.1.27 Android or 2.1.21 iOS are the current production releases. That may be the problem.

The software updates have been so sketchy that I tend not to upgrade immediately. I prefer to let others live on the bleeding edge and find the bugs.
However, having now updated to 2.1.21, I was able to update the pan-cam. Poor design to make camera updates dependent on the app version, IMHO. If an app update goes bad, you can lose access to all your cameras.

iv had to send back 2 of these (got em on amazon, one day shipping) these pans just don’t work well. i feel bad even complaining as they are so cheep. still dont have a working one btw. i got several of the special edition black ones. work great