Latest update few days ago! Now cam 2 outside is upside down?

Cam 2 is upside down since the last updated firmware a few days ago?

The picture is upside down? Toggle the rotate 180 setting under advanced settings.

As always with each update there is a chance that your previous settings might revert or change from where you had them. A good practice is to verify all previous settings once an update has been done.


Set at 180 degree never touched it, still reads that, never had this problem before update firmware

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Go into your settings, go down until you see advanced settings, the 2nd choice will be rotate, uncheck
That, then hit the sync button, this should turn your screen back around…
Good luck, I did that before and my head was hurting from tilting it to try to see the event.

Try toggling off the rotate button, going to the live stream, and back to toggle it on. See if your screen is the right way now

Wow! Thank You so much!!!
Followed your instructions… in 3 seconds fixed the problem!!!

Now the camera is seeing too dark at night trying leaving it on Auto so it suppose to adjust on its own? Like I had it before, not sure if sometimes these firmware helps or makes things worse?

I think you should be a technician for Wyze
Much quicker and fixed my problem! LOL

Thank You again!
Much appreciated!

What a headache!

Hi hopeful4it2work

Glad your seeing correctly again.

As for the darkness I think it has to do with your detection levels & what you have them at or the moon, stars and the clouds, they all make a difference, at least to me they do.

Try testing your detection levels on a clear quiet night outside. That way you will learn a norm level for yourself.

Then you can adjust from there.
Good luck