Last camera reboot/restart date/time

Would it be possible to include the last camera restart date and time in device info
Very useful when troubleshooting issues as it would indicate an external power problem (brownout). Also it might be useful if this info was available via IFTTT.

Agreed. I just has some issues getting to some of my cameras and it would be very helpful to know if it was because of a reboot.


This is a 101 troubleshooting requirement. I really need it to help determine how often it is restarting on its own when I’m not in the room!


Is there any possibility of us finding this info some way? It will be stored on the device already - it’s just about us customers being able to access that info.

PLEASE add “Last Startup Time” to “Device Info” on cameras and other devices. Don’t need uptime, that takes resources to calculate, just need the last startup time.

This should be super simple and would help a lot in detecting a device with random reboots and detecting devices that don’t reboot when you tell them to.

This likely will never get voted up enough to get real attention because so many other requests are much cooler or more critical, but displaying last boot time in the device info has to be SUPER SIMPLE to add. It’s likely a variable or log entry that already exists, it just needs displayed with the other info.

Or am I maybe missing a place that raw log info is displayed or dumped to?