Landscape View For Tablets

Well, yes and no. Cameras have been able to switch to landscape on all iPads for some time now by tapping the square icon or rotate icon (depending on the camera type) in the upper right corner. A few app pages, like the home screen device list, have been implemented in landscape. However, without Stage Manger, most other pages (such as camera settings) only display in portrait and are sideways when displayed on an iPad mounted in landscape orientation (unless you have Stage Manager available and enabled).

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You are of course correct, but it is good enough for me at this point. I don’t really expect to have perfection at Wyze’ price point and utility.

In my opinion, the Wyze app functions well and supports quite a variety of products in pretty decent fashion - especially for a free app. In the past some ‘security camera’ apps I had to use required costly upgrades to provide fewer functions and less interoperability. The landscape issue was always a big one for me in the past because I knew how easy that should have been to program - at least to the present functionality.

Of the several brands (Eufy, Kasa, Ring, and others using DVR in the past) I deal with in work and home applications Wyze has so far surpassed all with greater, overall economy for me.

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I do really appreciate the value Wyze offers for a low price (and that I’m not feeding my video into a Big Tech data stream). Also true that you can see all your cameras in landscape mode on the iPad, which is the most common use case, w/o Stage Manager. The app flips to portrait mode if you click into the settings, that’s the part to fix.

I have landscape on my Samsung S8+. Labs is all I remember setting to force landscape. Don’t think I changed anything in Developer Options.:thinking:

Yes, that’s annoying

Try this on your ipad pro and V3.
Lock in landscape mode so power plug is on left side of ipad.
Suppose you need turn on siren or timelapse or view playback, thus you have to escape full screen by pressing rotate icon
Now try go back to full screen in landscape, so press rotate icon again and you end up with picture not as you attached but upside down.
Better yet imagine this with ipad mounted on the wall because power outlet is on the left.

Finally see an update for you, and while it isn’t necessarily promising the full app, it talking about landscape in general, so I wanted to update you that an employee did indicate they are working to make landscape mode more compatible on more parts of the app:

Hopefully that will extend to other areas as well. :crossed_fingers:

@R.Good reminded me that you would love to hear of this progress, so I’m making sure you know more landscape support is coming. We’ll have to see how much gets done this year, but it’s a good sign that they are still working on it, and we know that some updates are coming this year at least. :slight_smile:


I have no interest in buying more Wyze products until this landscape biz is fixed.

It seems to be working on my iPads in landscape - full screen - for me just now, As it has for some time? What device are you using?

I’m going to guess that you have a more recent iPad and have Stage Manger turned on. With those two conditions met, the current Wyze app does work fully and completely in landscape. But many older iPads are not Stage Manager capable, so this doesn’t help them.

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I have a iPad Pro 11 inch (from 2021). I have Stage mgr. yes it’s a start. The videos and App though not in full screen.

In stage manager, if you pull down/right on the quarter circle icon at the bottom right corner of the window, it will expand to full screen, covering the app selector (left side) and dock (bottom).