Landscape View For Tablets

Millions of dollars, a nice office and tons of dissatisfied customers because you let such a Basic functionality sit dormant why you think of new excuses as to why you have’nt addressed the situation yet.

A responsible company would have addressed that immediately so as to serve their customers properly.

I sometimes rue the day that I became an investor in Wyze products…

if sales is your main focus and development of inexpensive products for the public followers in a close second then where does that leave Service? Without Service and I mean dependable service your company is doomed.

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Just installed a bunch of Wyze floodlight/cam v2 and a doorbell and works well, but the portrait/landscape wackiness on the iPad drives me nut. Please fix! Is there a wishlist somewhere to vote on this?

You are on the wishlist topic for this. If you scroll up to the very top of the thread and you should see a VOTE button.

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Thanks Loki! I voted. This thread has over 5 years of history, takes a while to scroll that far. In Nov 2018 Wyze said “We are planning to do this for a future build and looking into the implementation now.” Guessing I shouldn’t hold my breath on this one : ).

maybe paid app?
free wyze app - regular app with bugs
wyze landscape pro deluxe version - landscape view and no bugs

If they had a landscape option in a paid version it would have been announced already. Until Wyze fixes the App I am not buying any more of their products.

Yup, it’s a long thread. Forum tip: On desktop, if you click “Nov 2018” on the right side, it’ll take you right up to the top. On mobile, tap “986/986” (or however many posts there are now) to bring up this same scroll bar, then tap “Nov 2018”.

To summarize a couple points that may help that are buried in the 986 posts above:

• Wyze has made a bit of progress on this. A few pages now have landscape view. For example, the home screen now has landscape view on iPads.

• On newer iPads, if you turn on Stage Manager, the Wyze app’s non-landscape pages will be shown vertically with black bars on the side when the iPad is in landscape orientation, thus not avoiding the need to turn it to portrait to use the app.

Also, not directly related, but the Wyze app is available on Apple Silicon Macs (using Catalyst). It’s not perfect, but works pretty well.


I just looked again to be sure - mine are all displaying fullscreen in landscape (albeit with small black spaces at top and bottom) as they have been for a couple of months now. Still have to turn the iPad to portrait to get the settings icon, but turning it back resets it to fullscreen landscape. It was a long, long haul to get here. Maybe I turned Stage Manager on for some other reason somewhere along the line. Now if only GoPro would manage to fix their software too!

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If Stage Manager is on, you can tap the “rotate” icon at top right with the iPad in landscape and it will show the portrait view (with settings icon and other controls) without having to physically flip the iPad.

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Loki - didn’t know about Stage Manager, that is super helpful, thanks!

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Has to be a compatible device. Turn Stage Manager on or off on your iPad - Apple Support

Wow. First I heard of this Stage manager option.
Close to what I want, but not perfect as the app does not fill the screen.

I have ipad9, & do not see the setting for stage manager" under multitasing & gesteures" in settings. I see “off” & “split view & slide over” only. I have no Stage Manger selection. I have the latest ios. Any suggestitons, please?

stage manager is only on more expensive ipads, it is poorly designed and does not do what we ask.
if wyze implemented landscape, fixed connectivity problems i would purchase cam plus right away, otherwise i do not see reason to spend money on something i will not be able use

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Here’s the list of supported models: Turn Stage Manager on or off on your iPad - Apple Support

Trying stage manager. Yep, NOT the best solution. Not so easy to delete a video.

Also - Some Apps do not allow access to the keyboard.

Agree that Stage Manager is a workaround pending a better solution

:+1: Got it, thanks for the info. I always tell hubby, I like their cameras, but their software is full of issues.

That explains why I don’t see it… mine’s not there, thanks for the info.


Stage manager does the job for me? It is true that older iPads can not run the Version/s of IOS that include Stage Manager, but it is built into the ‘free’ operating system on most “modern’ iPads. I can run it on most of mine. I’ll attach a screenshot from the 2018 iPad Pro I am using right now running IOS 17.3.1.

Lest anyone feel it is just for ‘expensive’ iPads I also just tried it on an iPad Air 2 from 2014 that does not have Stage Manager, running IOS 15.8 - all cameras are displaying in in both landscape and portrait on it too. Works on my iPhone too.

In fact, I just tried turning Stage Manager off on the iPads it will work on and found that all my cameras are now displaying in landscape without stage manager. Maybe Wyze has finally given us what we asked for since the first Wyze cams came out!