Landscape View For Tablets

Thank you for the advice, but that’s a goal I’ll never be able to achieve, as I don’t know anyone with this skill set to encourage to apply at Wyze.

I’ll continue to provide feedback here, sometimes humorously, sometimes showing my frustration and sometimes both at the same time :slight_smile:

Four years of letting this ‘fester’ doesn’t show me they ‘clearly have the desire’.

Yes, I agree it’s promising to see the job listings that might result in a Wyze app on our iPads and Android Tablets that works properly.

But, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Maybe those New Super Programmers can get with those responsible for Wyze Web View and bring the two interfaces into alignment… where Wyze Web View gets renamed to …

Wyze Web App


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Quoting myself… so long as I don’t get into an argument with myself, and lose…

While on my mind, the subject of "a Uniform Wyze Interface across iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets in Landscape View and the current Wyze Web View (that should be Wyze Web App)… I was wondering why the disparity between what I can filter events by on the Mobile App and the Wyze Web View.


Screen real estate. If you really want to see all AI types on the Event page in-app, just add them in filter options. But then you’ll have to swipe the filters left-right to see what you buried:

People/activities redacted for privacy :roll_eyes::


I learned my new trick for the day, thanks for sharing, I did not know that was there:

First thing I do every morning is check my 13 Wyze Cams for my wild outdoor “pets” and this will make it much easier to view the Crows, Raccoons, Mice, Rats, Lizards, Snakes, Finches, Sparrows and Coyotes that have passed by one of my cameras.


I’ve Never scrolled down this far on the Filters to see the “Cam Plus Only” Filters:



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This is the solution. I and many volunteers support Wyze at no charge because of the cost model. So why not programmers, @milehiguy? Perfect! Thanks for suggesting. :slight_smile:

@nixhome2020 just for you SJ, here’s the latest comment from Wyze on this subject made by the VP of Product during an AMA today (I asked him the question for everyone who has been wanting an update). My exact question was:

What are your plans for an app design overhaul? (We’re told it’s needed in order to implement things like dark mode and landscape orientation capabilities)

His response is as follows:

Thought you’d like to read the latest response from the VP himself.


Thank you for asking, I’d love to participate in these AMA’s, but I didn’t see anything alerting me that this was scheduled :frowning: and if it happens during ‘normal’ working hours, then that’s a challenge as well. :frowning:

Glad to see they addressed the issue, thank you for sharing. (was not happy to hear about the pullback from RTSP though)



Thanks for the update, which is in essence what we have been hearing for years now. No timeline again!


Let’s see, for four+ years we have been asking for landscape mode. We get door bells, virus test kits, new firmware, remote control cars (which the controller is hidden in the main app and works in landscape) and almost a dozen other hardware devices.

But to see a list of cameras in landscape, is just too difficult to pull off.

Basically the VP laughed at us. (they have been for YEARS).

Landscape won’t happen for years, IF it happens. The execs don’t care. They never have.

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The AMA was announced here (which now includes @carverofchoice’s excellent TDLR summary.

You can set your forum preferences to be notified of new posts in a category. I’d suggest setting “watch first post” for #news so you don’t miss these announcements in the future.


I like learning new tricks :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip, I’ve added this, and some other notifications in.

… And still dreaming of a day that my iPad Pro… can use the Wyze App natively in Landscape Mode for all functions of the app…


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Hopefully Wyze is making headway at hiring some talented programmers that will succeed at creating a fully Landscape compliant App for our Android Tablets and iPads…

Wyze, feel free to introduce our new best friends, once you have them settled into their new roles.

Might I suggest you hand each of your new programmers an iPad Pro 12.9 with an attached keyboard as well as an Android Tablet with the same. Be sure and load the current Wyze App as a welcome gift.


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… or an 11" (2021) version like mine - I actually suggested crowdfunding the purchase of several iPads for their team a year or two ago. I’m not convinced that any of their developers and/or decision-makers own one. How could they and stay silent?

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Great minds think alike… I didn’t see your crowd funding suggestion, or perhaps I did and took a nap… and forgot I saw it :slight_smile:

I think I recall that I also suggested something similar, to where I’d be willing to donate to that cause as well.

I’m guessing Wyze’s budget would allow for a few iPads for the cause. I still think that the new developers are provided an iPad on day one with the Wyze App, and are forced to use the iPad for all things Wyze (same thing for android tablets).


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If the Wyze App on an iPad worked properly in Landscape Mode, and no one was in the forest to see it rotate to Landscape, Did it really rotate to Landscape?

Hey Wyze… how’s that search going for those new programmers that are going to perform the miracle of Landscape?

Asking for a few friends…


That is a good question, but I am not sure of the answer.

That is also a good question, and also one I do not know the answer to, but I know they are looking. They also know there are many waiting for this.


Time to jump ship and ditch wyze.
Amazon Prime Days
Blink 5 camera kit $199
Unfortunately it’s $120 year unlimited cameras (same location)

The Wyze App remains a mess regarding screen orientation.

When run on a tablet in landscape mode, some screens in the app display in portrait mode and some display in landscape mode. Inexplicably, sometimes when viewing a camera the video will show in landscape, and other times it will display in portrait. This is evident on multiple Android tablet devices running different versions of Android. Let’s clean this up.

All displays in the app should obey the device’s screen orientation.


The App needs a complete re-write for all platforms, and, IMO while doing so, the Wyze Web View should emulate all functionality and views that one see’s on an iPad, Android Tablet and/or iPhone or Android Phone.

Wyze has or is hiring developers to take on this monumental task of rewriting the app to deal with it’s current glaring issues such as this. (or so I am lead to believe)…

I came to this game later than some (dreaming of a Wyze Landscape fantasy world).

I’ve turned my frustration and annoyance to entertainment and humor in this specific thread, as I see nothing tangible occurring with the Wyze App’s current flaws such as this.

I look forward to Wyze popping into this thread someday before I’m dead and buried, and sounding the trumpet that Wyze App V3 has arrived, as well as Wyze Web View “V1”…

Me thinks I’ll be pushing up daises first.


Thank you for contributing to keeping this entertaining “Wishful Thinking List” alive :slight_smile:



Adding support for iPads and Mac users has never been easier with their new programming algorithms that allow your coding to work over every platform! Please add an iPad version that will allow those with iPads, like myself who uses my iPad as a baby monitor and camera viewer for the Owlet and Nanit baby Cams. Adding support for the iPad would be simple, yes some tweaks would need to be made, but of all your beta users out there as well, like myself, we would assist in finding any issues that may need addressed.

I would be more than happy to assist in writing the application and incorporating everyone’s wish of landscape view.