Lamp socket voice command to turn bulb on/off?

Does anyone know the Google Assistant/Alexa voice command to turn on and off the light in the Wyze Lamp Socket? I’ve tried several guesses with no success.

Also, the skirt of the fixture into which the Wyze Lamp Socket screws prevents the Lamp Socket frim making electrical contact. I’ll check the lical hardware store, but does anyone know if a bulb socket extension is sold in stores?

Have you linked your Wyze account to Alexa/Google?

Thanks for responding, WildBill. Yes, my account is linked and works with otherwise products. Just not sure if there’s a command or not. It’s simply won’t fly with my spouse if she has to open an app every time she wants to turn that light on LOL.

Also, fyi, I did find a socket extender at home Depot for about two bucks. It’s bigger than I would want, but it will do the trick.


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Did you look at the device list for Alexa? How does the socket appear there? Can you turn it on/off manually with Alexa?

Im currently tied into the Google Assistant ecosystem, not Alexa. So I cant answer at this time.

In my case the light socket/camera combo is named “Deck Camera”. I’d think there would be a common command, such as, “Alexa, tell Wyze to turn on Deck Canera Light” or “Hey Google, turn on Deck Camera Light”, or something similar. Wyze doesn’t seem to identify the Lamp Socket with a different name/ID from the camera it’s powering. I can control the light from the Wyze app: I’m hoping there is a voice command to do the same. (Hopefully that made sense).

Not sure how it works in Google land, but there should be a unique name for the light. Does Google show lights and switches as unique objects? The socket should show up as one of those, if it works at all. May still be missing as it is so new.

Following up (to keep thread alive): does anyone know the Alexa/Google Assistant voice command to turn the light bulb aspect of the Lamp Socket on/off?

There isn’t one. I just spoke to someone on the official Twitter. Very disappointing.

Thanks; I should have posted that I eventually got the same answer. I’ll try to remember to submit a future enhancement request.

Happy holidays all.


I just created one

Will it be possible to add this functionality to the socket in a timely manner without having to get a new socket? This is a feature that I very much need and was surprised to be reading this after I just purchased 5 sockets.

It feels like a very obvious requirement.

Hopefully they add it in soon. I wouldn’t have even bought them if I had known.

Discovered today that the lamp socket is a zombie without the camera. Not visible/no control unless the camera is plugged into it. So can’t turn on/off the bulb if it is independent from the cam. Not necessarily surprising. But itdoes make me wonder if it has enough smarts that hey’ll ever be able to add indeoendent voice control of the lamp.

Time will tell. .

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