Lamp socket setup idea

I have an idea about a lamp socket setup, but not sure if it is possible.

I have a smart switch for my porch and garage lamps already. They will auto turn on at dusk.

I’d like to add a cam for my driveway.

So option one is to add lamp sockets for all the lamps, and then add a v3 camera and keep the smart switch always ON. Concerns are uncertainty of the socket connection and complexity of the setup. And I will waste the existing smart switch.

Option 2 is my preferred setup, but not sure if it is doable. I am considering adding lamp socket for just one lamp, and connect an outdoor camera to it, when it comes to dusk, let the lamp socket will charge the cam. Technically the lamp socket can be replaced by the solar panel, but sun light might not be that reliable in PNW, especially in winter.

so questions

  1. when smart switch turns ON, will the lamp socket be ON by default? In other words, will the lamp connecting to the lamp socket be ON when the smart switch turns on the porch and garage lamps at dusk?

  2. After switch turns on the lamps, will the lamp socket start to charge the outdoor cam?

  3. when the outdoor cam is charging, will it continue to capture motions and recording?

any known limitations and restrictions to this setup?

Thanks all