Lamp socket manual option not in app

I have a cam pan 3 setup with lamp socket; camera is working but light never goes off; also in the app I can’t find were to manually turn just the lamp off. So in interim, I just took the bulb out. Not sure camera is working great just can’t control lamp. Any help???

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The Lamp Socket is incompatible with the Cam PanV3. The only cam that has the firmware to control the Lamp Socket is the Cam V3. A Cam V3 must be plugged into the Lamp Socket using the cord that came with the Lamp Socket or it will not work.

When you open the Live Stream of the V3 Cam attached to and controlling the Lamp Socket, the On\Off toggle to control the bulb will be available in the top right of the UI. Black is Off, Green is On. Clicking it will manually toggle power to the bulb.

You can modify the motion activated settings in the V3 Cam Settings :gear:, Accessories, Lamp Socket.