Lag between recordings

It seems like the recordings have a lag between them. For example if two people leave the house and cross the field of view of my Wyze cam, but do so at different times, I will get a recording of the first or second person leaving but not both. Unless the exits are several minutes apart do I actually get two videos. For example, if two people exits and the second exits 30 seconds after the first, I don’t get both exits in two separate 12 second clips. I am not sure what the lag between them is but it’s less than ideal. Any ideas to fix this recording issue?

I’ve noticed if point my camera at the street I’ll sometimes get the city bus in automatic motion recording mode and sometimes I will not. What gives?

Sounds like what you are describing is normal behavior. Event videos record 12-second videos with a 5-minute cool down period. So if 1 person exits and you get a video it will not catch the second person unless they exit 5-minutes after the first. This is done to save on server costs since they offer it free.

You can do event recording to an SD card and it will record all events without any cool down period but you would not get notifications for SD card events.

They are also testing a pay version that would reduce or eliminate the cool down and extend the videos to catch all the motion instead of 12 seconds. More information on that can be found in this thread:

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