Kitchen Faucet

Key Features:

• Voice activated (with Alexa?)
• Dispenses a specific amount of water
• Pull down sprayer
• Press button, use voice, or perhaps motion sensor to turn water on/off (no handle that makes the voice activation not work when the handle is in the off position)
• MUCH less than the $400+ they go for from the big names in water hardware

Yes I’d buy it! I love Wyze products and price point! I also realize that due to the price point that there are times that we experience bugs but Wyze is great about fixing them w an update and adds new features all the time!


Faucets are expensive because cheap faucets fall apart in a couple of years. The build quality is incredibly important. The electronics part is almost trivial in comparison.

We considered getting something like this but I didn’t love the idea of running voltage to my water supply and sink. For us the goal was touchless operation to minimize germs. (All faucet handles are filthy.). So motion sensor, yes, the other features you mention, eh.

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I think if I click the vote button it register as a “for” vote? how do I vote against it?


By complaining like the rest of us. :wink:

If I wasn’t clear enough, I think it’s a really dumb fit for Wyze too, but at this writing there are 6 silent people who disagree.


Google Assistant support please


I vote against this 100%. We don’t want ANOTHER problem product. How about focus on better QC, better inventory transparency, providing better updates, learning to listen to the customers who have been having issues that have yet to be addressed and creating a better shipping policy for starters :person_shrugging: Just a thought. That’s my vote…


I have a Moen motion activated faucet, I unplugged it soon after moving into the house. This is just silly, and given WYZE’s current history of firmware issues I can see a lot of folks getting scalded! Bad idea.


And yet 20 votes already. This is the fastest climb I’ve ever seen here. I am suspicious. :slight_smile:

Whatever happened to the last big idea, the space heater…

if they left off the voice activated part then id vote yes, but who tf needs that feature lol come on. yes kitchen faucet that is similar to whats out now with touch functionality but for a more affordable price.
that wyze is good at. tho not a pre order of close 3+ months please

IF Wyze pursued this product, I think the meaningful features they might be able to offer is

  • Adding a temperature gauge
  • Providing temperature control (ex. tell it to make the faucet water 100 degrees)
  • Monitoring water usage

Bonus points if they can somehow detect water quality (I know nothing about testing water quality, so I don’t know if it’s even possible)

I clicked “Vote”, but wanted to vote, NO. There is no option.

You can retract your vote if you click on “VOTED” and then click the pop-up message “Remove vote”.

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People with dirty hands? :man_shrugging:t2:


Anybody who has used Alexa or other voice assistants is well accustomed to repeating commands, misinterpretations, and being ignored. I can’t imagine how extra obnoxious that would be when, instead of waiting for it to turn on a light, I’m standing there trying to wash my damn hands.

A Wyze faucet? Imagine that. With the proliferation of buggy, half baked Wyze products would you trust a Wyze faucet not to flood your kitchen when you’re away from home? Or, not being able to use your faucet because Wyze has moved on to another widget and forgotten about the faucet bugs?

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I can only hope that this entire thread is pure sarcasm. If so, WELL DONE.

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Not like this in the beginning. But now it seams no matter how many times I see an issues mentioned in the forums Very Few if any are addressed by Wyze.
Now it seams to be push the next new product… I’m not buying anything else from Wyze till I see them back track a little. And take care of well known often mentioned issues with what’s already out here.

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It’s not the thread that scares me. It’s the 37 votes.

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