Kitchen Faucet

Actually, after further review, I may be warming up to this idea. If they can get it to dispense the exact amount of water requested, they could apply this tech to other devices.

They could create a device that attaches to the top of a canned cheese dispenser (EasyCheese?) and dispenses EXACTLY the same amount on each cracker. Or it could include a camera to sense the size of the cracker and adjust the amount based on the size of the cracker. It could sense flow rate and advise when the can is nearly empty and add it to your shopping list. What do you think?

the CheezWyze for the CheezWiz.

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Yes, it should also double as a a glucose monitoring insulin injection system.

This sounds a lot like a port of the delta smart faucet that does exactly as described above

On the Faucet be nice if they have a mixing valve …alexa , turn on hot water at 110 degree (F) …Alexa, turn on cold water 90 degree. …And had to be touchless like Moen…Moen is the best right now… I had Delta…Crapped out after 4 years. Still an easy repair …but its a bummer.

Yuck, what a self-absorbed wish. And as others have said, Wyze hardly needs more suggestions about how to dilute its brand, quality and efforts.