Keypad won't connect to hub

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I’m trying to connect a third keypad to my home monitoring system but it doesn’t seem to want to connect. When I start the process on the Wyze app, the hub will say “ready to connect” but when I hold the reset button on the keypad until the “home button flashes”, nothing happens after that. I did let it sit for awhile but the keypad eventually said setup timed out or something along those lines. Now my hub is just flashing the three lights, I’m assuming that means it’s still trying to pair?

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I have observed that when the 3 lights are flashing the Hub is in pairing mode as you have stated.

What Firmware is your bug currently on? I would make sure the hub is on the latest firmware and try again.

If it is on the latest firmware, I would try giving the hub a reboot (press and hold the reset button on the back for 10 seconds, when the lights go off immediately remove pressure from the button, any longer could factory reset the hub)

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Hey @R.Good - I’m on, it might still be the beta. I just took everything out of the beta program so not sure if that’s why it’s causing issues.

I did press and hold the reset button but all three lights never went out, two out of the three lights went out, then it start a new pattern of flashing.

That is the beta version.

There were some issues in the past with a different firmware that caused some unwanted response with the hub, one of those scenarios was not being able to add devices.

Another was not being able to change/modify tune settings to on and off or hear the tune if on.

If the issue is persistent and the you are seeing the other issues, I would suggest reaching out to Wyze Support, it may result in a replacement Hub.

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