Keeps telling me to sign up for CamPlus

When I look at events, it leaves 5 minute gaps and says to sign up for CamPlus but I already am signed up for that. I’ve checked a number of times and it’s paid for. Any idea why?

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Did you assign Cam Plus to the camera?

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I think so. I’m not sure. It’s the only camera I have… Just in case, could you tell me the procedure? Thanks!

Open the cam to live view, does it show the cam plus icon on the top like attached

If not the best way is go to and sign go into your account then click on services. It should show your cam plus and what cam is assigned.

It shows the icon on top of the camera icon. It still shows that camplus message.

That looks like a Pan Camera, your post is tagged V4.?
Any was I still suggest you go to your my wyze account and check your services as I said above.

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From my account:

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