Do I have Plus?

I keep getting emails about WYZE PLUS, today I received one that said:
" Your free trial to Cam Plus ended last week and hasn’t been renewed .".

I paid for PLUS several weeks ago, so is there a way on the APP I can see if I really do have PLUS? I want to make sure what I paid for is in effect.


I keep getting those emails and I am subscribed. In the app, if you go to filter your cameras in events, it will say cam plus next to the cameras. Also under account-services it will list all your licenses.

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When I went to filter my cameras, it said PLUS next to the camera, but the checkbox was unselected. I checked it. Thanks!

Also if are at the home page of the app, tap Account, then services. Tap the camplus under “active” to show what cameras have camplus active on them, and the camplus under “available” if you have it shows camplus licenses that can be applied to a camera.