Keep losing my custom detection zone

Can anyone explain why I regularly lose my custom detection zone? It regularly reverts back to the old green box.

You know I’m really pissed off right now. I was happy using the Person detection Pilot. Then I received the unlimited cam plus offer. Since I can’t use the PDP for the v3 which I just started using I decided to bite the bullet. I switched this morning. I’ve received so many false vehicle detections since this morning I’m considering to go buy a Louisville slugger.

Hopefully you didn’t buy the unlimited plan for a single V3. You need about 7 of them to become cost-effective on that plan.

Can you show us screen caps of your issue?

No… I have 3 V2’s and 1 v3 at my house and I have 2 v2’s at my parents. Since you can’t use the Person detection Pilot on v3’s I figured I should get the unlimited as I’ll be upgrading all cams to v3 eventually.

The false detection is general motion that now comes in as a vehicle (shadows, bushes in the wind etc.). Never happened until now.

The green box is only an indicator of motion. It is not the detection zone.

To see the detection zone, go to camera settings->Detection Settings->Detection Zone

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When I open detection setting and set the custom it’s gone. I only ha e the option to set 1 green square rather than custom shape. After setting a custom shape a few days later it reverts back to the old detection zone. I’m not talking about a trigger.

The V3 custom detection zone was implemented in one of the later firmware versions. Check to see that you have a current firmware.

Edit - ignore, I didn’t see your last post.

Well - I said screw this. I cancelled my subscription and restarted Person detection Pilot. No more general motion detection coming through as vehicles. And I reset my price…for all the stress today with dealing with this crap vehicle detection. Until the A.I option becomes separated so that I can choose which A.I I want to be notified of I will never get cam plus.

You can separate which AI items you want to be notified about now under Account tab > Services > Cam Plus > [camera]:

That is one weird problem otherwise! Might be worth trying a camera factory reset:

I definitely don’t have this option.

It would have been there when you still had Cam Plus.

Be sure to try the reset at the end of the message. Normally you wouldn’t need to delete the camera from the app first, but since you are having very unusual issues I definitely would. After the reset and deleting the camera, just add the camera back into the app.