Motion detection zone


I started to notice that I am loosing my detection zones on my V1 cams.

I understand that you will not add any new features on the V1 cam. But I hope that you will at least keep the functionality that works.

Or will you eventually simp!y break the code for the V1 cam and not support it anymore?

Very disappointing.

How did you determine you’ve lost that functionality? I personally no longer have any V1s configured, but maybe I need to plug one in to see if I can duplicate your issue. Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

Well I started getting more and more detection events when there didn’t seem to be any movements within the area I defined (there were some movements but outside of the defined zone). Went to the detection zone setting and notice that the area was now the full window instead of the small square I had previously defined.

Now, I am not sure why or what triggers it, but every once in a while I go check my defined detection zone and it’s back to the full window.

I think that a screen shot would be irrelevant since it would only show my defined small area detection zone than another one with the full window. I did not notice that behavior yet on my V2 cams.

This behavior seems to have started recently or at least I never notice it before.

Ok, ran more intensive tests.

It does not seem to loose the defined detection zone, it just seems to not read it properly after a specific sequence of events within the application. Not 100% sure if this has an effect on the motion detection events generated.

For instance, I click the detection zone and it shows the full window as being defined, which should not be. I hit the back key without changing anything, go back in the detection zone and now the detection zone is properly set. Will it use the full window or the defined area to generate motion events? Have no idea for sure. Therefore, I will make sure that the defined area is set when I leave the detection zone screen setting, instead of the full window.

It seems to be triggered when the thumbnail picture of one of the cameras on the home screen gets updated and also seems to be specific to V1 only. I have a mix of V1 and V2 cameras.

Should probably change my V1 cams at some point however I find the picture to be as good (if not better) than the V2 cams (not as blurry and better KB/s when tested at the same distance from the router. This is especially noticeable in lower light conditions. Not talking night vision here.). Also, the V1 cams do not have the out of sync audio that the V2 is experiencing.