Keep getting prompted to sign up for Cam Plus when trying to enable Person Detection

I just setup a new Wyze Cam V3. I was forced to signup for a 14 day trial of Cam Plus during the activation flow and am now trying to enable Person Detection to see if it’s actually worth it. But every time I try to enable the Person Detection option, I’m prompted to signup for Cam Plus again. I can’t get any of the Smart Detections to enable without getting prompted to signup.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I ended up buying a 1 year subscription just to see if that would let me past, but that didn’t help either.
  • Made sure the camera was assigned to the license
  • Force-quit the app (v 2.31.1(0)) and restarted
  • Updated to Firmware v4.36.9.139

Under the Account section of the app, it says “License Available. Tap to assign”, but when I tap the next screen shows that the new camera is assigned to the license.

Any suggestions?


Strange, try cleaning the app cache in Account > App Settings


That did it! Thank you.