Keep all traffic on local area network

Big fan of your work and products, thank you very much for what you do.

It would be great if we could keep all traffic local. Since your cameras are not true RTSP then maybe we can run your cloud software from a local machine and only devices on the same network can view the cameras.

Here is my current setup
-IP Panasonic RTSP cameras pointing to a local machine running the VMS.
-Recognition software running on same VMS local machine.
If I want to view cameras externally then I connect to the VPN at router level of this network.

Many thanks

It would be useful if the camera had a “LAN Only” or CCTV style mode. We use one as a playroom / baby monitor and our internet is slow, so the camera is slow. If it were walled off inside our network, it would simply fly with no delays.


LAN only would be amazing. I have 2 cameras as baby monitors as well. I am using a 10G connection on Cat7 and Internet line is 1G Fiber, and there’s a very small slight delay and this happens because of the obvious cloud service. I wouldn’t complain about the slight delay but my biggest concern is outside traffic regardless of encryption and this is the only reason holding me back from buying 10+ Wyze devices.


This is also what’s holding us back from more cameras and why we don’t have one in the room the baby sleeps/feeds in. We have it in the children’s play room, but if I was able to restrict it to the LAN then I’d have several more uses for it. The 30 second delay between the kid camera and my phone does mean that occasionally there’s a brawl broken out before I’ve had a chance to see it coming, so eliminating that delay by being LAN / CCTV only would be fantastic.

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Make sure that you have “Enable Hardware Decoder” enable on the APP settings. It used to be on by default but not any longer.

“Enable Hardware Decoder” is not an option I see anywhere in the app.

@Walkabouttigger Depending on your App version, you should find it under the Account Tab > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder


One of the Features which sets Hubitat apart is the fact that it can do local processing and not rely on communication back to the main servers. It would be nice if all of the Wyze Devices could do more local processing to speedup the response times and eliminate the risk of your internet going out.

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Or make an IP camera!

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I’m aware you guys have a policy at Wyze prohibiting employees from viewing live streams, tho I’d like to have this feature to have full privacy control.

Since Wyze mobile app/cam software uses P2P to communicate, we don’t really need WAN access, and initial configuration can be done once. That being said, it should not be difficult to implement this mode IMO.

My IoT network does not have access to WAN access, so I have some challenges going here.

I’m sure many potential customers avoid using Wyze cam products because of the feature lack. A lot of people just gave up and switched to dafang hacks firmware.

More discussion in here: Is it possible to livestream on LAN only - No recording No Cloud


My request is to have a local cloud server - Raspberry Pi for instance - so that my home automation will work when offline and without internet access. Local video storage would be a bonus.


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Currently everything Wyze goes from you device (camera, sensor, etc…) to the cloud, gets processed, and then back down to you and/or your equipment. But sometimes that get’s delayed, or even cut off. Amazon could be getting a denial of service attack, your neighbor could have cut the cable while digging a fence, lots of things can cause a delay or no service at all.
When that happens, the functionality of your rules and notifications are either delayed (2 minutes for a sensor to turn on a light) or gone completely.

My wish is to have the ability to make the cloud optional.
Something like a Super NAS (Network Attached Storage) that not only records motion from your cameras (Like the outdoor cam storage can) but also handle things like sensor actions, and possibly even person detection.
For things like sensor actions, it can handle those all itself, and only send information to the cloud.
For things like camera motion, it could record those, store them just like things do in the cloud, and also send it up to the cloud.
And that “send it up to the cloud” would be optional.


It would bring value back to the Wyze Band and Scale if they worked with the app without Internet access. When I block Internet access, the app cannot read either. After blocking internet, sync fails with the band, and the Bluetooth connection to the scale fails. Enable internet, both work fine.

It would be great if these products worked without the Wyze app having access to both our private information, and the proprietary Wyze cloud.

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Is this Topic dead or what? I am very upset I cannot block my cameras from accessing the internet. Also I am upset that I cannot easily make backups of my videos to my NAS. I have dozen cameras and was expecting that at some point they will enable us doing that, but I guess they are following the same concept of keeping control and charging monthly for a service you don’t want.
I have almost all my IoT automation local to my network, and plans to migrate all others to the same model. Only my speakers have limited access to the internet, for obvious reason, but nothing else have. Now I have to keep opening access to the cams time to time so they come back online again. It is weird and unjustifiable. IMO, this is not a security concern for the users, but maybe for them-self some how.

I was a big fan of this company, but now I am willing to trash all my dozen cameras if I don’t have a solution that I can rely on. Also I’ve already take back the referrals I gave to friends for now.

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Returning my Wyze camera now because there has been no response to this valid question and request for years. They clearly don’t care and are probably spying on you, or at the very least mining as much data as they can. Good bye, good riddance, should have just gotten an RTSP IP camera in the first place.

When are you guys going to develop platform by Wyze to be able to watch all screen from a location that is physical to me
I don’t mean a cloud