[Feature Request] Live Dashboard

I have an addiction. I’ve bought over a dozen wyze cams so far.

And it’s kind of weird that when I open the app, some of them show daytime and others night, until I go in to view each one live one at a time.

I understand that allowing live view of all cameras could be a bandwidth burdon on you. But what about allowing it when we’re on the same network as the camera? Or when nat holepunching / STUN / uPNP works? That shouldn’t cost you any bandwidth, and would make your product more useful for your power users.


Agree - I was also looking for a similar Dashboard type functionality in the mobile app that will give me a live view of all the cameras I have installed at home.

Eventually, I would like to cast that dashboard to my Google Hub, so I can view it on its screen.


I believe you are speaking of the thumbnails ( some showing night others showing day)

those only show the last image from the camera live view when you were in it. its more of just a quick glance of which camera is facing what so you can identify it quickly and go into if that’s the one you want.

im not sure what it would take to have the app identify if you are on the same network and thus only in that circumstance go into a live view of all.