Jumper wire confusion

I’m trying to figure out how to deal with the jumper the yellow wire connects to splitting to the Y and W. Everything else is straightforward. The instructions say to remove any jumpers and I can do that but then where should the yellow wire go to? Thanks for any help!

That looks like some sort of C adapter. Who made that thermostat, and what does the thermostat wiring in the furnace/ air handler look like?

The existing is a Schneider Electric unit. On the furnace side, the yellow wire comes in to W and is jumpered to Y

That’s definitely some sort of logic or add a wire adapter. what does the other the terminal look like? here:
Is there a label on the bottom of that module?

Also can I get a picture of the actual furnace board?

Does this help? There was a humidifier added on - I wonder if that has an impact on this.

if you gently pull on the wires behind your thermostat, is there a blue wire present?

Yes, there is a blue wire - it’s in pretty deep but can probably be pulled out enough to be usable. Should I use one with W and with Y?

so, you should remove that block at your furnace, connect the like colored wires together, yellow to yellow, red to red white to white, etc.
Then get rid of the block at the thermostat, and tell the wyze app that you have the following wires:

Rc: Red
W: White
Y: Yellow
G: Green
C: Blue

Thanks for all the help - just setup everything tonight and it’s all working!

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