I've been going insane since I subscribed to (2) Cam Plus for a full year

I’m a bit confused.

Are you talking about CamPlus or the new CamPlus Pro?

I have I have had CamPlus on all 12 of my cams for over a year. Some minor glitches and service hickups, but all got fixed quickly. It does work. There have been some notification glitches here lately, but reports are coming in that this is being rectified.

It has been out there for a very long time as you have been using it since at least January when you posted about having it then:

I believe that one variable here is that your situation is because it is on a WCO, which does complicate things.

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I’m glad to know that it did/does work for you. Maybe there’s still hope.

I’m referring to Cam Plus.
You are correct. I did sub to Cam Plus once before for a a few months (when I had the need for it then) but I don’t recall all these glitches occurring - never that bad, never many issues at once.

Now that I also fired up the WCP, assigned it to the second Cam Plus sub, the motion durations, cooldown time and notifications on that cam too are all erratic and all over the place. 9-12 seconds motion events, cooldown 1, 4, 9 minutes. Notification (occasionally). I’ve been trying to love it for 3 days (spent many, many hours) without any resolutions. It’s quite frustrating. At least Plus Lite was consistent - working as per design, and limitations. It was expected.

I have a WCPV1 w\CP. Working great on CP. Full length video, no cooldowns, motion tracking etc.

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I would like to have my WCP + Cam Plus to work like yours, unfortunately that hasn’t been my experience this time around. I already reached out to support via Chat, I received help for assigning the 2 cams I have up to Cam Plus (which I had already assigned since day one 3 days ago) instead of addressing the actual issues at hand.

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Is this a V1 or V2 WCP?

Have you tried the delete\readd\reassign route?

Have you tried flashing FW back? I am on

Have you tried app reversion? Not sure if you are on Android or iOS. I am on Android

I have found a comfortable stability in App\FW old version combos and won’t update unless it is critical.

ATM I am using the WCPV1. I do have (2) WCPV2, they’re in the apartment somewhere but can’t find them yet - still looking :wink:

My WCOV1 is on, again the most recent. There’re (2) WCOV2 arriving tomorrow.

No, I did not or had the need to touch the router… yet.

I’ve always had the impression that I should update when available - the rev of the WCP is the same as yours on which I believe is the latest.

You’re absolutely right about OS upgrades, I do agree - I should remember ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, I’m running it on an Android device. I also believe the APP is the latest on 2.31.0 (145)

I do believe I should try to revert to a previous revision/s, either on the APP, the CAMS, or on both.

After kept resetting it over and over since yesterday, suddenly my WCP seemingly has got no more cooling time, however, all the recording events are 12-second increments - is that normal at your end, too?

Not sure where that came from. Didn’t suggest any changes or settings w\ the router.

I do not have any WCO and don’t plan to based on their restrictive nature.

Only if you want to introduce the obligatory bugs Wyze has become synonymous with. I wait for some time and track the bug process in the forum before\if deciding to update.

I have seen this in the forums in the past. Some type of incomplete data exchange w\ the server verifying the license. 12s videos are CPL.

Recommend unassigning from CP, dumping app cache, logging out, force stop app, dump OS app cache, log back it, reassign to CP and test.

If that doesn’t work, do it again but delete the cam from the app before the log out then add it back before the reassign.


Oops, I read ‘route’ as router - my bad.

Ok, I’ll try your recent suggestions soon. Thanks!

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I have similar experiences. Biggest issue is “Download failed” when i try to do anything with videos in Events. I tried tech support. They gave me run around. Made me try everything i had already tried, then they forgot me, even tho case should be open. Ready to send both outdoor cams back.


@mysons27705 I hear you. I’ve never experienced so many issues all at once. I’ve been having the same experiences with tech support - wasted so many hours and days, repeating the same stupid thing over and over, resulting in absolutely nothing. All the issues still persist. The more often fw updates (with new features) are released, the worst the hws get. It’s been 3 days of a nightmare, especially after subscribing to Cam Plus - although I don’t think there’s any coloration between Cam Plus subs and most of the issues I’m encountering.

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I am agreeing with you 100%. But, Wyze doesn’t have a Tech Support department. No Tech Support staff, No Tech Support anything. What responses I have received from actual Wyze team members as a result of a CS ticket has been painfully slow email responses.

Wyze has an outsourced Customer Support contract with a call center in the Phillipines who have no hands on working knowledge of the tech and no technical training to work thru all the bugs Wyze introduces in Production Release updates. All they can do at the CS Call Center is read thru scripted questions and responses and turf you in the end with no resolution. They have no way of sending you to a 2nd or 3rd tier technical expert who does have working knowledge of the equipment and the recent update problems. That just doesn’t exist.

About the only thing they are good for is to submit a ticket number for Wyze Developers to look at. Then you wait forever for an email from them… If ever.

This is a massive black hole void that Wyze is ignoring.

But, once you do have a ticket, you can usually come here to the forum and get Wyze’s attention to get digital media or a developer to deal with it if you are persistent enough.

The monthly “we broke it so now we have to ‘Fix-it Friday’” topics also seem to be a much more expedient way of identifying bugs for resolution.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Now it’s starting to make sense. I noticed that when I spent many times chatting via chat support - the individual/s on the other end were clueless, making me repeat the same thing over and over - ya, right.

Since that’s the only hope I’ve got (before scrapping everything), how do I submit a ticket number for Wyze Developers to look at?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


You already have @WyzeDesmond’s attention in your other post Wyze Cam Pan V1 assigned to Cam Plus so you have already achieved this.

CS doesn’t monitor or participate in this forum. Only actual Wyze Team Members (employees… Usually Digital Media team and Developer team) will be posting here and they will be identified as Wyze Team in their Avatar logo and\or username \ profile.

When you do chat w\ CS, get a CS ticket # and share with them your log # submitted from the Account>Support tab in the app. Then, share both #'s in your post w\ Wyze Team Members here. That gives them a starting point to look at those chat transcripts and logs so that they can document CS shortfalls.

Very interesting :thinking:. Very quotable.


Ok, thanks for the detailed information. I will do that.

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It is so true :rofl:

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This may sound simple, but I I had a similar frustrating experience with my Two Cam V2 ‘s (both have Cam Plus subscriptions) and miraculously resolved it by reformatting the SD Cards I had installed and the restarting each of the Cameras. I’ve also learned the hard way that its best for me to read the forum recommendations, but I don’t upgrade my Cameras or the Wyze app for my phone operating system unless absolutely necessary. I have the camera apps running on both Android (Samsung) & iOS iphone)

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Thank you @msteward for your feedback.

Ha. I have requested a refund as this is always an issue. Even after they fix it, it happens again. Never once even responded to any of my request. It’s funny tho, it will work again for a couple weeks after my request but always back to the same bs.
Good luck. They need some better cs and follow up on customers. It’s my main complaint here after being with them for 4 years. They are willing to lose customers and just make more and more non working products instead of fixing the ones they already have.

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