It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

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To complete, Next Wyze gift is a holster…:grin:


I love my little hat!


Sigh,… my tracking number still says shipping information received, Estimated delivery date:
Pending. I was in the first 50k too. I’m on the East coast too, so it will probably take a week to get here after it finally starts moving.

I’m not sure my number - but when can I expect my outdoor cam to ship?? My car was broken into and about $500 worth of stereo equipment was stolen. Of course, on the side where I was planning on putting the outdoor can.

Just got latest firmware and the system crashed. All it shows is cloud with a slash through it icons.

Arrived on Tuesday. Super smooth setup. No issues. Range is insane. Not a fan of 12 second clips when I have an SD card in the base station. Should be an option to change. Also don’t like the cool down before recording again. I’ll worry about the battery life. Might even setup a solar trickle charge.

Either way, can’t wait for my other outdoor cams to arrive and consolidate my security cams.

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Received Wednesday, doesn’t record events ( event is just a photo of a camera). I have done all the standards resets, backed out to older versions of firmware and it still doesn’t work. This has happened on all 4 of my V2’s, and after moving back to an older version they began recording events.
I moved the firmware on both the camera & the base station back to older versions with no change. Its live picture is great, just to events. Hopefully a future update will correct this problem.

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You are buying the wrong product then. These cams are NOT meant for that, and it is only a 12 second clip. Betting even if you did have the cam, that you couldn’t make out anything to press charges.

If you want an actual security cam, then stop looking at Wyze, they don’t make any.

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Sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. My front camera works perfectly and is easy to see detail. I have no complaints. The only problem I had was my sd card would sporadically have problems, but I think that’s because it’s a 64gb

Yes, but you can set the cooldown for only 1 minute, which is much better than the 5 minutes on the V2.

Lifehackster reviewed the Wyze Cam Outdoor and… I’ll let you read the thumbnail for yourself

Wyze how did this happen? You had 2 years to make this camera. I’m sad now because I ordered 2 and was really excited.


I haven’t received my camera yet, but after reading all of these emails, I want to return it for a refund. That’s sad to say for a product I haven’t received yet. I’m truly scared for this purchase.

Don’t let bad reviews change your opinion of something you don’t have in your hands yet.
Set it up to do what you want it to do and then decide if it’s what you wanted.


Watched the whole thing. His main reasons for rating it a failure (“failure”, people, “failure”; “fail” is a verb):

  1. 40-50 second notification lag unusable for a “security camera”

  2. Sound volume and quality is ridiculously low outdoors.

  3. Notification lag and audio quality means 2-way door screening (as advertised) is unrealistic.

He purposely doesn’t exercise CamPlus and he mentions how motion alerts don’t get stored on the camera SD.

Despite the title it’s not a harsh review video at all.

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People are selling them for $100 bucks on eBay.

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The portion of the product sales page that shows the UPS driver with the comment that indicates “respond in real time” should be removed as that appears to be flat out false advertising.

If in fact, the cams operate as seen in that video I’ll be returning all 3 of them that I purchased as they are not what was put forth as to what I’d be getting.


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Everybody’s got different needs!

Darn, another “beanie baby opportunity” missed! :rage: