It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

I really hope so!

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Came today!

Sweet! Mine is enroute!

Had it one day and it crashed.

@od73 Hello there! Were you having trouble using your outdoor camera? I’m happy to help if you need assistance. :slight_smile:

So apparently it’s official. Not only can’t you plug it in, you can’t play back any video from a Wyze Cam Outdoor, by design.

Are you saying that these outdoor cams don’t have the same functionality as the earlier v2 cams? Is there a Wyze post somewhere that indicates that?

It IS finally here!

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Seriously? Yes, the functions of the Wyze Cam Outdoor are significantly reduced compared to what you can do with the V2s. There are many threads about it. They are not really comparable.

Here’s the manual , read all about it

So, it looks like it does record when motion is present(event recording) which is all I really care about.

Some of the functions of the V 2 cameras are just not possible with the new outdoor camera because it is a battery powered camera ,
Some of the functions currently available on V2 camera if they were available on the outdoor camera , would kill your battery in a day

so what is inside gift box being first 50k

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To complete, Next Wyze gift is a holster…:grin:


I love my little hat!


Sigh,… my tracking number still says shipping information received, Estimated delivery date:
Pending. I was in the first 50k too. I’m on the East coast too, so it will probably take a week to get here after it finally starts moving.