Issues with login

I had the same issue with my camera, I cannot log in to the app, I was able to log in using a PC in a browser, but in the app is not possible


Are you using Firefox or Brave instead of Chrome? I remember some people having this issue a long time ago when they were using one of the other browsers for some reason. Just curious if that same issue came back. Consider trying to use Chrome (even if just for a test) and see if it works.

Also, are you running any kind of VPN, Ad-blocker, etc? I know those can interfere with authentication sometimes…though they shouldn’t, it seems sometimes they do.

When I start the application, I see a button that says GET STARTED. Then I press the button and it doesn’t launch Firefox or Chrome. The app seems to have its own browser or it uses Chrome as a base. There, I try to log in using my username and password. I know the username and password are correct because they work fine on my PC. I enter the username and password and nothing happens. Then I try to log in with Google, and the screen changes, but then it throws the error that I attached in the screenshot. I don’t use a VPN; I use my home WiFi or mobile data. On my wife’s phone, I was able to log in from the app. It’s just my phone that’s having this issue.

The app will use the browser that is set as ‘default’ on the phone.

looks is running in chrome, the app provided me if I want open the page in chrome, so is not chrome and is not Firefox, looks a chrome browser type of browser