ISSUES getting signal to back of house - WYZE CAM OG

I have two WYZE CAM OG’s.

  • 1 camera for Outside the front door
  • 1 camera for back of house

I rent in 2 story house with the WIFI router (TELUS) on the top floor above me as it’s my landlords.

I have a 3 different connections set FOR 2.4GIG

TELUS1012-2.4G_Ext (Don’t know what this is for but the strongest signal than the TELUS12-2.4G.
TELUS1012-2.4G_EXT (Created from the TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender (RE315) I bought specifically for the Camera for the BACK of the house (weak signal)

Right now the camera outside the front door is running from TELUS12-2.4G_Ext (2 bars on APP and -66)
And the Camera at the back of the house is TELUS12-2.4G_EXT (again that is the extended one from the TP-Link WIFI Extender) (1 bar on APP and -82)

At the back of the house, the signal is VERY VERY LOW but I cannot move the WIFI Extender anywhere else as if I move it to another plug, it says it’s not in the optimal location (red led)

I don’t understand HOW is it possible to run these camera’s at the back of the house if even a WIFI EXTENDER is barely even extending the range??

If I walk to the back of the house where the Camera is with a WIFI Strength app:

TELUS1012-2.4G (56% GOOD signal)
TELUS1012-2.4G_Ext (56% GOOD signal)
TELUS1012-2.4G_EXT (38% LOW signal)

I tried connecting the Camera to EITHER the TELUS1012-24G or TELUS1012-24G_Ext but they don’t even show on the Wifi list during setup

I have a 75 foot extension cord wrapping around the side of the house to the back of the house with a 10 foot USB WYZE CAM OG extension cable to the camera…

What am I doing wrong??