Issue with TinyCam pro

I just checked TCPro. 20+ cams. I view them in a 3 at a time page. They are all streaming in real time without skipping.

How many are you trying to load? Is your ISP speed sufficient?

Is this something that just started?

It’s been going on for quite awhile. ISP is 300mbps. Running RTSP on version 1 cam, just one camera. Sending feed to actiontiles dashboard

I am receiving almost 20 fps, but displaying only .3

Nope. Sorry. I’m not going to be any help. I’m running production and Beta FW on V3, V3Pro, PanV1, PanV3, and VDBv1 and viewing in TCP.

The destination processing power and resolution typically have as much or more to do with smooth streaming than does the available bandwidth for TinyCam. Realtime streams from TinyCam are also the exception, not the rule in general-- even on robust isolated LANs.

Run the same stream through VLC player and you will immediately notice a significant difference in actual frame and bit rates compared to the shortcomings inherent in the TCP platform – which I still use and love anyway, so don’t get me wrong! Just offering a real world perspective to perhaps temper unrealistic expectations.

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I feel that a Fire HD 8 8th Gen should have enough processing power. Its a consistent lag of 2 seconds, not random seconds which is weird

The Fire HD shoud be adequate.

Lots of variables to consider between the camera lens and the display. 2 second latency with a 50% frame drop rate is not unusual depending on the network environment and the actual HP of your Fire device.

Go here. Plenty of additional information that should be helpful.


Hi pagesmit,
I believed you once and just did the update.
All cameras and settings gone. The update has deleted everything. Now of course I have nothing more. I have already recovered 10 of 35 cameras since Saturday.
Just for your information. :slight_smile:

Is it somehow possible to reach the developer? There must be a solution for pro customers.

My sincere apologies. The advice provided was relayed from another source.

Simply upgrading an app or device typically retains existing settings unless specific advice to the contrary is provided. That said, it is always advisable to back up important content when doing any upgrade to any device or software – which I also realize was your dilemma.

The developer is occasionally active at the Reddit link I previously posted along with a much greater degree of public support than is available here.

Again, I’m sorry for contributing to your difficulty.

This may be a longshot, but I’ve heard of ‘synching’ your devices via Amazon to recover lost settings. I think it may have even been on Reddit.

You can mimic the dual-view wide angle & zoomed feature of two OG cams by:

  • Running both the Wyze and tinyCam apps simultaneously
  • Streaming the same cam in both apps
  • Using Android 10+ ‘split-screen’ capacity to view both apps live simultaneously
  • Zooming-in on the tinyCam instance (it has greater max software zoom plus it ‘coasts’ when moving the focus of the zoomed image)


  • Displaying cams 2- to 4-up in tinyCam while viewing a single cam in Wyze
    (tinyCam has better/more-flexible group viewing options and performance)

Another application I’ve found useful:

  • Displaying the Wyze app home page to toggle a device (bulb, plug etc) while
  • Viewing a cam live in tinyCam to monitor the effect

Can’t be done with the Wyze app alone. :slight_smile:


Am I the only one jarred when the @peepeep posts such a useful and straightforward message? :wink:

Nice ideas.


Hey, thanks pal!   :frog:

What type of display is being used for this?

6.2" 18:9 1,520 x 720 LCD
Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 CPU


tinyCam Pro v17 now in beta may require Android 9+ (up from 7+).

It installs and runs fine on Android 10 phone, but only installs, will not run, on Bluestacks 5 (emulating Android 7.)

It also adds a grid of six to these:

tinyCam is generally better than the Wyze app at streaming cam groups steadily. Alex the dev noted way back that Wyze cams struggle to display more than 3-4 streams at a time. implying some innate limitation.

The multi-cam display interface is feature-rich and well designed. It’s stable.

You owe it to yourself to try the free version at least (Android only.)


If you’re having trouble streaming a 3-4 cam layout steadily, drop down to 2-up and cycle through all your cams (swipe!) letting them establish steady streams. If you have lots of cams, you can even automate the group cycling with the adjustable ‘sequence’ timer.

Then return to a 3-4 layout. Performance usually improves. :slight_smile:

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Login broken at the moment (for some), on the mend…

Do you know if there is a fix yet for this issue?

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @azoriandan74! :raising_hand_man:

@peepeep posted an update to this in another thread. It looks like the Beta is in testing now awaiting final public release.


Just released tinyCam Pro v17.0.3 running on BlueStacks 5 (emulating Android 11) definitely runs better set to Hardware decoder. When set to ‘Software’, it crashes frequently when navigating quickly (double-click) from a cam in a group to its individual instance.

‘Software’ decoder was more stable than ‘Hardware’ with tinyCam v15 and before under Bluestacks 5 (emulating Android 7.)

An Android 10 phone still runs better on ‘Software’: Smoother rendition of moving objects.

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Agreed. Running Android 11 and also have it set to Hardware+ for better stability.

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