Issue doing a Live Stream while Event is recording (v3 Camera)

The following is on my V3 Camera, but happens on V2 and WOC as well.

Android App Version: 2.19.15
iOS App Version: 2.19.16 (3)

Device: Android Phone, Pixel 5 Android 11
Device 2: iOS, iPhone 10 X

Backyard V3 Cam FW:

Log Submitted: 192585

I have other Topics related to this and delays. Figured I would summarize this this issue seperately.

Wife is in Backyard doing some cleanup and landscaping. The Backyard V3 Camera caught her and started recording the event. However, she was in the area for a period of time and then moved away from the camera. Unfortunately, the camera kept indicating it was recording the Live Event, even though there was nothing going on. I am attaching 5 images below but will summarize it here first:

  • Image 1: This depicts the recording of the Video with “LIVE” on the events tab. When you play the event, you do see my wife walking into the image.

  • image 2: This depicts me trying to connect to the live stream while the event showed LIVE. It never connects or allows me to view the stream until the event has completed and processing is done and it designated Person or motion.

  • image 3: Depicts the attempt to connect to the Live Stream timing out. It should be noted, my network is stable, everything is working without issue. But this issue of the LIVE can also cause interference with other camera’s.

  • image 4: Shows the Event tab with the video at 5 minute recording. Once this was done, I was able to live stream again.

  • image 5: Shows the actual event playing, but the playtime is 1 minute 19 seconds, a far cry from 5 minutes.

  • image 6: This shows that the Live stream is actually working now and the Kbp/s is 113.9.

This has been an issue, I have submitted logs about this.

Image 1 - Shows the event recording is still going on

image 2 - Trying to do the Live stream while event is being recorded

image 3 - Live stream timed out

image 4 - Indicated Length of the event

image 5 - Playback time does not match the event page recording time

image 6 - Finally able to view live event. Event on Camera has been completed and processed


Nicely documented. :clap: Easy to follow and understand the issues at play, and you submitted a log for devs to look into, though those submissions explanations are limited. Hopefully someone sees this.

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Yea, hope so. I can reproduce this, so hopefully they can fix.

I have the Same problem.

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