Cannot stream when Event is currently indicates Live

I have been having some weird issues when trying to stream a camera. I have finally figured out the pattern and wanted to report it.

I was having an issue connecting to the Live Stream on my Back Yard Camera, while others connected without issue. I looked to see what Events I had and noticed the Backyard cam was currently recording something and it said “LIVE” on it. Once the Live went away and the time or duration was displayed I was able to stream the Live View from the Camera.

I encountered the same issue with my porch camera and the Driveway camera.

In all cases if it was currently in a recording state, Live Streaming was hit or miss. Most of the time it was a miss. But the moment the recording was completed, Live stream had no issue.

Took sometime to figure this out and to determine what the pattern was.

Have not sent any logs yet as I am verifying one last time. Plus I want to generate a log while the recording is going on.

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