Isa there an issue with Wyzw linking to amazon and IFTTT?

Isa there an issue with Wyzw linking to amazon and IFTTT?

My Alexa is working fine. And it just discovered the new sense I added.

Can no longer link to IFTTT. I removed Wyze service from IFTTT and started over, but it still doesn’t work. Alexa works fine after reconnecting the skill.

my link to ifttt is not working either

Frankly, I’m rapidly losing patients with the reliability of functions with this stuff. Overall, I’ve had very little problems with the camera streams themselves, so that’s good. But Wyze Sense and all it’s related things, Alexa integration, notifications, etc. have been just horribly buggy and worse since the data leak thing. Just today none of my Alexa routines tied to Wyze worked but did yesterday…Again…And while the simple video stream viewing is pretty reliable, the video recording playback from the SD card misses events I know should be there, and is also generally buggy. I can walk up to my door ten times over several hours and several of those times will be missing from the SD card, regardless of the time between them.

I’ve been playing around with smart home and IOT stuff for years, since back in the 90’s with X10 and expect some bugs, but these days, basic functions should be pretty reliable with smart home devices. I don’t have nearly the amount of bugs in other plugs and bulbs with things like Alexa integration, some of which are just as inexpensive as Wyse products. Heck, I have a couple cheap Smart Things smart plugs I plugged in close to two years ago that run every day on schedules and with Alexa and other than a daylight savings problem, they haven’t had to be reset even once, they just work as long as my network does.

Ifttt Same here.
Tried all of Wyze fixits but does not work.
Very frustrating!
Rethinking the wyze products.
You get what you pay for in-functionality.

I am sure that Wyze knows about this issue by now. I like their products so I hope they will find the bug and get it fixed. I think it is only recently that Wyze has integrated with Alexa and IFTTT so lets give them some time to fix things.;

Same issue. All (3) my IFTTT Camera Motion Notification stopped working yesterday evenings. Tried re-associating the Wyze IFTTT services but it did not solved the problem.