Is your Wyze garage door controller working? Mine randomly opens my garage door in the middle of the night

My door opened in the middle of the day, due to my self inflicted ‘damage’ of moving my camera to insert a microSD card without realizing that I need to re-calibrate it.

The Rule fired, it opened the fully closed door, only to close it again 44 seconds later.


Ah, that would match how I would characterize the errors I’ve been hearing about here.

QR Code acquisition loss causing the Wyze system to believe the door is open. So movement, mis-calibration and darkness (likely causing visual artifacts) would all cause a failure in the way you describe. The door opens, system realizes the door still isn’t there, then the system closes the door.

QR codes are supposed to be pretty robust when being read but seems like their system isn’t robust enough to compensate for the variance.

I wonder how much testing Wyze did of the QR code at various distances and in under different lighting conditions. If the system allows initial calibration too close to failure-state conditions then that tolerance means we’re probably going to hear more complaints about this.

I’ll just put a plug in here for the chamberlain /lift master controller . It’s never failed me and yes it’s another hub but it’s hardwired to Ethernet and I have it setup too HomeKit if that’s a selling point. Then I put a v3 just watching the entire inside of the garage. No problems.



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This garage door controller is worst. I had to return it. It opens garage door in the middle of night.
i gave support the logs as well but no luck my patience ran out and gave the item back.

Mine also opens in the middle of the night…the last time being this morning at 6:13:56 AM.

Twice now when it’s cold my garage door randomly opened itself, stayed open until I found it. No notifications… this is getting dangerous since my garage is attached.

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My garage door has open several time since installing the Wyze garage door controller. This would appear to be a inherent problem with the controller and Wyze should offer a fix or give full refund to all who requested it.

Did you calibrate your QR Code? If you set a rule and did not calibrate your QR Codes, then anything is possible because the controller can not identify whether the door is open or closed…

In answer to your question, yes. The controller was correctly reporting the status of the door.

Wyze sent me a replacement “Y” cable in an effort to see if that resolves the problem. That seems to have worked as I have not had any un-commanded openings since I installed it December 26th but I am not ready to proclaim that it is solved until the January 16th. That will be about three weeks. I will post about any problems before then.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Well, my answer wasn’t directed at you alone, but your answer and mine should give users some things to consider. :slight_smile:

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Update…un-commanded garage door opening today at 3:25 pm. Log file 887958 submitted to Mary via email support. Apparently, the Y cable replacement didn’t work.

I bought one of the first garage door openers and it also randomly opened my garage door. I worked with support a little bit - didn’t seem like they had any answers. They sent me a new control unit and then a new y-splitter cable. Didn’t help. They then sent me an entire new unit with V3 camera. That seemed to fix the random door openings but the unit gets confused very often as to the state of the garage door. It says the door is open when it is closed and vice-versa. I’ve pretty much stopped using it - bought a Chamberlain MyQ to use with my Tesla. Much better. Whenever I would look at the video camera at night, it was so dark the camera couldn’t see the QR code, even with night mode vision on…

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Thanks for the info…very enlightening. I’m leaning strongly to just chucking the device and going your route.

:+1:t3::+1:t3: Same here bro….I have a 2021 M3P and couldn’t wait to get rid of this “smart garage door opener” lol much better with the MyQ integration via Tesla

@GuidoLoko, please explain the MyQ integration via Tesla. I don’t know any Tesla owner that has to be asked twice to talk about their Tesla. But what MyQ integration are you referring to, (again) please.

I also have had issues since being installed with my garage door control.

I have had to just stop using it altogether.
Door would have erratic reactions at random times.

  1. door would open randomly and stay open
  2. door would randomly open and then close again
  3. door would randomly open and then close half
    way and stay there.
  4. door opener button in app would disappear.

I had contacted support multiple times but waiting on a chat with no response I would go and continue in with my life and then get the email about just continuing via email . I don’t have time for this.

I’ve given up on using it altogether… Fed up. I’ve not been offered ANY solutions or refunds/exchanges. I own multiple Wyze products and have only had issues with 2… The GDC and the indoor plug.
I’ve had mostly good luck with everything else… 'Cmon Wyze …get a handle on this!!

My Wyze garage open doing same thing opening all hours of day and night. I have given up trying to resolve issue and disconnected it. Wyze does seem to want to provide a remedy. Not too happy with after sales support. Would not recommend this product

I had the same problem. I was away on vacation. That evening, I checked my Wyze cams and discovered that the garage door was open, but I could not close it remotely. I had to call my neighbor the next morning to enter my garage and close the door. A few days later it once again opened on its own. I called the neighbor once again. When I returned home, I disconnected it from my garage door. Since then, I’m only using the camera to see if the door is open or closed.

Since then, I ordered a Besimlive Universal Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener from Amazon what works with Alexa. It works perfectly. I’ve had it since Oct 2023.

My other Wyze products have worked well though a bit more complicated since they’ve made all the changes.