Is this as scum as it seems?

They claim you can view playback footage using an sd card. I have a 32gb sd card installed and I’m able to scroll back through the day, but wherever i choose to watch from just makes the camera freeze and reconnect, upon reconnecting I am back to seeing the footage that is current and live. Is this their scum idea of “playback” or did I get a lemon?

Sounds like a lemon to me. But have you actually contacted their customer service? Your username is surprising, because most people seem to report that their customer service is second to none. It’s impossible for any company to make sure that every product is 100% free from defects, but they can certainly stand behind it and make it right when it happens. If you indeed have a lemon, I’m sure they’ll replace it for you.

It may also be that your SD card is going bad, but I’m not sure if a bad SD card would cause that behavior or not.

Anyway, you should contact support if it seems that the camera, and not the SD card, is at fault.


I found this happened to me a few months back. The cause was my wifi connection to the camera. How far is your camera from your wifi router?

I couldn’t even be bothered to contact customer service after I did previously. When I first set up the cam (a week ago) I couldn’t update the latest firmware as it kept failing so I contacted customer service which was next to useless in troubleshooting and then ended up telling me I needed a replacement to which they asked my address etc, so I replied with all info and yesterday when I emailed complaining about it being a week and not receiving a reply they then reply claiming they just got the message which is a garbage excuse.

I would say 10ft-12ft away from it. within the same room.

I would say that takes a wifi issue out of the equation.

If you would please, post the support ticket number you received in the email so we can get some eyes on this for you.

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Hi, @customer_serviceNOPE. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a negative experience with our support team. May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into it?

My guess is that they’re right about you needing a replacement and that potentially it’s not receiving WiFi signals as well as it should.

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Hi, this should be the number: 347719
If you can see the emails take a look at the timeline. Replying a week later and only due to a complaint, is not much customer service, just my opinion though. Here’s the transcript from the online chat, apparently your service reps (that work for a tech company) aren’t instantly aware that disconnecting a router would terminate an online connection. Look at the troubleshooting at hand here…I tried to update and it failed 3 times now, “ok let’s try and update it again”…why…why that’s brilliant…didn’t work the first 3 times so surely it should the 4th right?

Chat started: 2019-10-07 07:02 PM UTC

(07:02:17 PM) Visitor 7012798: Hi, I just setup my first wyze cam and have attempted to upgrade to the latest firmware 3 times now and I get a sad face saying upgrade failed every time.
(07:02:24 PM) Wyze Wizards: Thanks for your message, please wait a moment for an available Wyze Wizard.
(07:02:27 PM) *** River Conner joined the chat ***
(07:03:02 PM) River Conner: Hello, I’m sorry the firmware didn’t update correctly, do you have a micro SD card
(07:03:15 PM) Visitor 7012798: Hi and I do not
(07:04:00 PM) River Conner: Ok let’s try to upgrade the firmware through the app again
(07:04:21 PM) Visitor 7012798: I have already ibitiated it’s at 50%
(07:04:25 PM) Visitor 7012798: initiated
(07:05:22 PM) River Conner: Ok thank you for trying
(07:05:33 PM) Visitor 7012798: update failed again
(07:06:00 PM) Visitor 7012798: latest version is 4.9.4 i have 4.9.2
(07:07:13 PM) River Conner: Ok let’s unplug the router for 5 minutes then plug it back in
(07:07:36 PM) Visitor 7012798: will that not disconnect our chat…?
(07:08:23 PM) River Conner: Oh, yes it will.
(07:08:46 PM) River Conner: Ok may I get your email so I contact you that way
(07:08:55 PM) Visitor 7012798: *******
(07:10:17 PM) River Conner: Thank you, let’s reset the router and I will check in with you via email shortly

When doing a firmware update I get the sad face failed every time on every camera for over a year but, in each case the camera actually did update the firmware.
I assume your cameras are not updating but just throwing that out there.

Hey, not really sure, all I know is it tells you the firmware version of the device and it didn’t correspond to the latest version.

If you click on “Account” and click “Firmware Upgrade,” does it say “Up To Date” in green on the right?

What firmware version is showing under the “Firmware Upgrade” tab for the cam?

You can use this icon image to upload a screenshot.

I’ve seen this twice on my V2’s. Each time I “reverted” to a previous version and after rebooting was able to upgrade to the most recent.

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I had a bulb act like it didn’t update the firmware. I don’t specifically remember the UX I encountered, but it may have been the aforementioned sad face. Whatever it was, it led me to believe the firmware installation failed. But when I checked the Firmware Upgrade section, it was up-to-date, and everything seemed to be working properly. So it may just be that the installation progress is supposed to get a “done” signal from the hardware that it didn’t get or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That’s why I wanted him to check

Oh, gosh. Sorry about that chat session. I sent this over to the leads as a learning opportunity.

I also see that you live in Canada. Do you have a US shipping address that we could ship the replacement to for it to get forwarded to you? We apologize for the added complications in getting this resolved.