Is thermal required to detect?

I picked up the battery pro and it was playing with it and found that I could pretty much wave a USB charger on a cord directly in front of the camera and it would tag in the image as detected motion but wouldn’t create a detection event. But as soon as I put my hand there it does. Is thermal always an element to detect?

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Yes, there is a PIR sensor (Passive InfraRed), which senses a change in ambient temperature. Humans give off heat, if that heat moves locations, it triggers.

But other things give off heat too, like an HVAC vent, Stove, and many other things. And those are not human. So Wyze also added a Radar sensor. Now physical movement is also needed.

If you set the detection sensitivity between 1-5 then the camera will only turn on if both PIR and Radar are triggered. If you set the sensitivity to 6, then the camera will turn on if the PIR is triggered (and ignores Radar).

There is not currently a way to select only radar and not care about PIR though, so you will ALWAYS have PIR (heat changes) involved in turning on the camera, but Radar is only used if you set the sensitivity between 1-5.

There is one exception. If you plug the camera into constant power, then you can have it stay on constantly and record continuously to an SD card.

You can also set up a detection zone and change the detection distance, etc.

It’s not 100% perfect, but adding both PIR and Radar to trigger a recording event, significantly reduces false detections compared to traditional battery cameras that rely on just one. It also helps to prolong the battery life in most situations.

Thank you for this very thorough explanation. Was this in the manual? Did I miss it?

One more quick question… I noted that this outdoor battery pro is not picking up on bird activity at around 5-10 ft away. Is it due to them having a smaller thermal signature/differential vs environment?

Guessing a regular V3 will pick up on them due to the pixel changes?

A lot of it is spread throughout the product page, tech specs, FAQs, and support pages, but I also asked the employees, including the product manager, for lots of clarifications just so I can help answer questions for people like you. :+1:I also researched on my own how various sensors work, like the PIR sensors, so I know the best way to implement them.

Could be that. Birds definitely have a smaller signature and these were probably tested and calibrated toward detecting people as a priority.

Try setting it to the maximum sensitivity and distance so it’s only using the PIR sensor on the strongest setting.

I know these pick up my cats fairly easily, but I haven’t tried with birds. However, since the previous model using only PIR worked for many people to record birds, I’d assume these should work fine for that too when it has the highest saying to only use PIR too.

Thanks for this. I did try max sensitivity setting to no avail as well. I will be trying the regular Cam V3 instead.