Is there anyway to have the Person, Package, Vehicle and Pet options in the Cam Plus Only Filter stay clicked on?

I would like to add to this thread that when I close down my app, not only does the person detection filter switch off, BUT person detection recording also stops. This is problematic and for now I have to always leave my app running. I use iOS and really hope this bug will be fixed soon.

@tinaclarktina - we are fixing the retaining of filter issue on App v2.37 (expected release Nov 19)

For your other issue where person stops recording could you please let me know the following:

  1. Your device model
  2. App Version
  3. FW version
  4. Is Cam Plus attached?
  5. Device Mac
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Hi, and thanks for your response.:

  1. My device model is Wyze cam v3
  2. My app version is
  3. My firmware version is
  4. Cam Plus is attached
  5. The device MAC is 7C78B2720CA5


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Android versions of the Wyze app from two? years ago would save the filter selection and then one day it stopped working but I don’t remember exactly when. I think it was right around the time Wyze changed the minimum Android version for their app to Android 7. Since then I have had to select ‘Person’ every time I open the app events which is sort of frustrating but not a dealbreaker. I have literally hundreds of motion events and only a few person events. I do not know who would not be turning on the filter. Everything registers as motion, wind, squirrels, light changes, etc. It would be better to make the filter preference sticky for Android again. That is the way it was before.

I have been using Android with every version of the App since buying my first Wyze device a long time ago. I have never once had the Quick Filter Buttons not hold their setting.

I also use the filter exclusively so I never have to sift through all the motion events and only see CamPlus tagged AI events.

What versions of Android and Wyze App are you using?

I don’t know. I had an Android 6 phone and the Wyze app worked on it. The filter never reset. Then I started using the Wyze app on Android 7 and the filter reset. Now I use the Wyze app on Android 11 and the filter resets. Possibly what could have happened is on the Android 6 phone the Wyze app was running in the background and that’s why the filter did not appear to reset.

I have been running Android 11 on a Moto G for more than a year with every app version to include today’s newest app update. Once I set the filters, they stay exactly where they are supposed to be, even after app updates.

In Account → App Settings, toggle the running in the background setting and see if that helps.

I am using the Wyze android app released on Oct 31, v 2.36.0 (96) on a Motorola G Play 2021 android 11 phone fully updated. Run in background makes no difference. If I swipe away or ‘clear all’ the app to remove it from the recent list and then reopen it the person filter in events has reverted to off. Note I’m also having a problem with my person tags and notifications so maybe it is something specific to my account.

That almost sounds as if it may be some setting within Android that isn’t allowing the cache to save properly. Perhaps an optimization setting or a drive space limitation.

Latest app release has this:

Fixed a bug that caused AI filters to stay in Events even if the app is closed

In the release notes. Could that be for this issue?

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This update has resolved my issue whereby the person filter switched off every time I closed down the app. Everything stays where I set it now.


I am so glad to hear this has worked to fix that.