Is there any Url that Wyzecam will respond to via http-get?

Does anyone know if there are any URLs that a Wyzecam will respond to via HTTP-GET? Just want to know if camera is dead or alive.

URL, no, but it should respond to a ping (if you know the IP). You can also check your DHCP server (usually your router) to see if an IP was assigned. That would confirm that the camera is at least enough alive to request an address.


Yes, I should clarify; it does respond to ping. Looking for a way to ping from outside the LAN. That’s why I was thinking of something that responds to http-get.

Did a port scan with Fing app and nothing found. :tired_face:

Your router is designed to prevent that. You would need to port forward the camera IP address to ping it outside your network.

@Wrecks0 Unfortunately ping won’t work from outside the LAN via port forward that I know of.

You can set up a TinyCam web server and port forward it. Then you could check it’s camera stream.

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@Wrecks0 :point_up: Thats one way I suppose. Thanks.