Is there a way to set the IP address for the device?

Is there a way to set the IP address to the camera. Due to extenders, it keeps jumping with a different IP resulting in it going offline.

Only if you can setup DHCP reservations in your system. I tried some extenders and they assign IP addresses and you couldn’t control when or which ones they issued. It was a problem with the extender so I returned it.

All of my cameras have assigned address reservations in my DHCP server. The camera requests a DHCP address and the DHCP server will always provide the same address - based on the device MAC.

BTW, it should not make any difference in connectability unless you have firewall rules to block certain addresses.

I was using a TP-link extender (TP-Link AV1000Mbps Powerline Adapter WiFi Extender TL-WPA7510 KIT) that had its own dhcp server built-in and you couldn’t disable it. (Seems it was a known issue for the product.) Every time a device connected to that extender it got an IP address in the correct range, but not the one I assigned in MY dhcp server, frequently one I assigned to a different device. As I said, I sent it back.