IP conflict

How can I change a Camera IP adress in the Android Application ?

One of my Camera’s have a confligt with another device in my Router…

Your Cam Pan v3’s IP is assigned by your router.

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To expand on what Seapup said. The Wyze cameras are strictly DHCP clients. They ALWAYS get an IP from whatever DHCP server is on your network. In most case that is one of the functions handled by your router - it CAN be some other device. If you are getting an IP conflict, MOST LIKLEY you have assigned a static IP address to some other device that happens to be within the range of IPs that your DHCP server is able to assign. There are a couple of solutions to this. I am going to give examples using fairly common IP ranges used by MANY consumer grade routers. For my examples, assume that the router has an IP of with a subnet mask of That means that all addresses on the local LAN will be between and For those that understand CIDR addressing, this makes this a network of

  1. Change the allowed IP range in your DHCP server so that the device or devices that static IP addresses are outside of the range of IPs that the DHCP can assign. For example if you have a device that must be, change the allowed range of DHCP assigned addresses to exclude - for example make the allowed range -

  2. Change the device that has a static IP address to that it is operating as a DHCP client instead of having a static IP. If the device really must have that specific IP address, MOST DHCP servers have the ability to reserve a specific IP address for a specific MAC (Media Access Control - the actual physical address of the network interface on each device). In other works, set a DHCP reservation in the DHCP server for the MAC of the device to the needed IP address. Note, some DHCP servers use different terminology to describe reserving a specific IP address for a specific device.

For example. my Wyze cameras live on my IoT LAN which has an IP address range of - Every single known device has a DHCP reservation in my DHCP server. My Wyze cameras are - with each numbered camera having the camera number equal the last two digits - for example camera 41 is Other IoT device are in other ranges within the - range. Unknown devices are assigned addresses from a pool of addresses between -


I’m betting on double-NAT scenario.

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