Is there a way to mount a wyze router on wall?

Thanks to @SlabSlayer, I learned that by standing my router on its side and pointing it toward where my computer is, in another room, I could increase my download speeds from 50-60 to nearly 400 (the service I pay for). Now I need a way to hang it on the wall securely, as it is near a passageway. There are some plastic brackets for hanging the router for sale on Amazon, but since the router gets so hot, I want something that allows air circulation. Any ideas? I’ve been eying an old suet feeder and wishing I could adapt it!

Here is a mount for the Router Pro, Can check for the Non-Pro Router. But if you know anyone who can 3D Print, they could possibly replicate this for the Non-Pro Holicfun Wall Mount for Wyze Mesh Router Pro : Electronics

Just found one for the Non-Pro Router

Wall Mount for Wyze AX3000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh WIFI mesh routers - Brainwavz Audio

Well, sorry - but I don’t have an immediate answer for you. You should look on There’s lots of Wzye mount creators there.
I looked, but I am so lazy that I put a Wzye V3 in my newspaper tube so I didn’t have to get up off my big o’butt just to see when the paper is here. Actually, there was too many pages of Wyze products to review, so I didn’t look after page 2. Oops, back to my etsy comments. There’s lots of creative 3D designers and printers there. You could draft up some words of request and paste it into many seller’s comment or email them, asking them to design something. Many of these people design stuff for a hobby, not to sell a million of them.

And there’s You can pay someone to download the thingiverse files and print, maybe mod and print for you.
Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Router Pro - Cooling Stand by bstewart74 - Thingiverse
Wyze Mesh router Pro Stand by Slrager1 - Thingiverse

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Yes. I saw both. Mine is a non-pro router, so the 2nd option would work. I’m just a bit concerned about how secure it would be. Thanks.

Thanks. I like the newspaper tube idea though once it was possible to read the paper online, I switched to that since I’m allergic to newspaper ink. Now I don’t even have to walk outside to get my paper!

I don’t use either. But looking at the pictures, it does look secure. It is only $10, might be worth a try.

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