Is there a way for Cam Pan v3 to ignore ceiling fan?

Is there any way to configure the Cam Pan v3 to ignore a ceiling fan? It seems to stay “focused” on the ceiling fan and is missing other activity.

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Yes… turn off the pixels that show the fan under the settings for “Detection Setting/Detection Zone”.

I have a waypoint set and when tracking someone’s motion that goes towards the fan, the camera starts tracking the fan. Enabling detection zone is not an acceptable fix and does not work because when you enable the detection zone, that view becomes the default position and overides the set waypoints.

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What is needed is the ability to disable the pixels when the camera is pointed in that view angle. If a waypoint is set with tracking is enabled and the camera begins tracking someone, at the angle when the camera moves towards the fan, there needs to be a setting in the app to disable the pixels. The app and camera should be able to store into memory the angle the camera is pointing and ignore those pixels while in that position.

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I need this help as well. I have set the way points, and use this camera to moniter both in and out of my home for dogs. I have set the detection area to exclude the upper right corner that is the fan, but the camera will sit there and not move. It wont pan, it just tracks the fan. If I tell it to go to another way point, it will go right back to the fan on the internal way point.